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I co-wrote three series of Bad Education with Jack Whitehall.  I was also lucky enough to work with Dan Swimer, Ben Cavey, Pippa Brown, and Jeremy Dyson.
Our cast included Mathew Horne, Sarah Solemani, Michelle Gomez, Sam Spiro and Harry Enfield. 
Harry's character, Martin Wickers, was described by an irate Arts Desk reviewer as being both "seedy and corrupt."  This is worrying: Martin bears a striking resemblance to my own father, the sort of man who says "the pick and pock of leather on willow" when he means "cricket".
In this clip, I play another seedy and corrupt character, The Porn Baron.  It's one of the many reasons I'm not an actor.
Freddy Syborn, Jack Whitehall
Kids in the title sequence:
Jack, Me, Pippa, Ben
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