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I created and wrote Bounty Hunters with Jack Whitehall for Sky One. We wrote a part specifically for the great Rosie Perez. 
Bounty also stars Charity Wakefield, Robert Lindsay, Sophie Thompson, Bradley James, Ben Bailey Smith, Olga Merediz and Christian Ochoa.
We're currently writing the second series.
"Brilliant from start to finish.  Jack Whitehall writes and stars in this excellent six-part comedy thriller which sees him play Barnaby Walker, the hapless student son of an antiques dealer who is lying comatose in hopsital following a fall. Now he must try to keep the business afloat, but when his first transaction (involving a looted Syrian statue) goes horribly wrong, he has no idea how to recoup the loss. Cue the return from the drug dens of New York of his wild child sister (Charity Wakefield), who may just have the solution to his problem in the form of feisty Brooklyn bounty hunter Nina (Rosie Perez) who came to her aid in NYC and needs to lie low as an entire drugs cartel is after her. What better way for her to disappear than by coming to london to help out a gangly, incompetent "chundercat" who drives "a clown car"?"  The Observer.
"This crime/revenge fantasy, is grand fun. There’s an obvious yet still delicious frisson to be had in the juxtaposition of Rosie Perez’s angry Nuyorican finding herself in Wimbledon with Whitehall, his tiny electric car and his PhD in Flemish tapestry."  The Guardian
The Sherman Brothers: part Winklevoss, part Siegfried and Roy.
Charity plus friend.
Our director of photography, bearing up in 42 degree heat.
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