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Thanks to Bisha K. Ali, I have recently served as writer and co-ep on Ms. Marvel, one of Marvel Studios' new shows for Disney+. I have also written episodes of Sex Education season 1, Killing Eve season 2, Paul Abbott's Wolfe (Sky One) and All Creatures Great and Small (C5/PBS).


I wrote an episode of Sky Arts' Urban Myths series about the day David Bowie met Marc Bolan.


It starred Luke Treadaway as Bowie, Jack Whitehall as Bolan and Ade Edmondson as their first manager, Les Conn.

Tony Visconti produced Heroes, Low and Blackstar. He wrote:


"Tonight I saw When David Bowie met Marc Bolan on Sky Arts for the first time. I thought it was a lovely and imaginative take on how their first encounter possibly went down. You have to squint to imagine you're seeing David and Marc because the actors hardly resemble them, but five minutes after they start speaking you don't mind, they are a believable young David and Marc sizing each other up, taking the mickey, and finally bonding in their manager's office. It was a total surprise to see one of my idols, Ade Edmonson, playing the part of their manager. I got quite into it by the end, smiling, melancholic, but when the final credits rolled with my version of The Prettiest Star playing I completely lost it. I'm still a bit shook up. It was the only time I got my two friends on the same recording, never to happen again. The Prettiest Star is a beautiful song and Marc played a beautiful solo. I also played bass, wrote for the strings -- it's actually the only time the three of us played on a recording together. You must see this if you haven't already."


I was incredibly lucky to write some sketches for Psychobitches. It was directed by Jeremy Dyson and produced by Pippa Brown. I think Mary Shelley and Nina Simone were the best sketches I contributed, but neither of them are available online. So here's a photo of Katy Brand as Mary Shelley instead.


This is the first thing Jack and I co-wrote for television, back in 2010, I think.  I quite like the Playstation joke.


Hit the Road, Jack

Live at the Apollo

Stand Up for the Week

Mock the Week

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

8 out of 10 Cats

My Funniest Year


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