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the   bully

I co-wrote and co-directed Frenching the Bully with my friend Florence Keith-Roach.

Florence an optimist and extrovert; I'm a pessimist and creep. Frenching the Bully features thinly-veiled versions of ourselves being humiliated.

We wanted it to feel funny, woozy, sad and a bit creepy. Like waking up next to your best friend on a night bus terminating somewhere weird in Zone 6, having singularly failed to mack on anyone - probably because you still use the word 'mack' as a verb - and in that peaceful lull just before the comedown crushes you.

Frenching the Bully stars Harriet Green, Shazad Latin, Ollie Marsden, Christina Chong, Lucy Wray, Hilary Gish, Clementine Keith-Roach and Wendy Keith-Roach.

The great Sarah Cunningham was our director of photography. FTB was edited by Jack Hextall, and produced by Mickey Down, Josh Newiss and Guy Thompson. Clementine Keith-Roach, Tess Gammell, Imogen Lloyd and Violet Elliot were our production designers. Felix Hagan composed the music.


I wrote and directed Isla Traena.  It's a film about grief and D'Angelo.


It stars Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Antonia Thomas, Susie Chrystal, Phil Wang, Clive Mendus, Weruche Opia, Nikki Fagbemi and Harriet Green. 

Sarah Cunningham was our director of photography.  Isla Traena was produced by Kimberly Arms, edited by Jack Hextall, graded by JP Davidson, with production design by Imogen Lloyd, sound design by Guy Fixsen and music by Felix Hagan.

It played at London Short Film Festival, the Palm Springs, Mill Valley, New Orleans, San Jose and Dingle international film festivals, and the Berlin British Film Festival.


Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Sarah Cunningham

Daniel, Aisla Craig, Sarah

Kimberly Arms and Freddy Syborn

Kimberly & me


I wrote and directed All Work and No Play Makes Simon a Dull Boy for the Straight8 Short Film Festival.  It was shot on an old Super8 camera, all on one cartridge, with no edits.


Simon Cowell is played with libellous accuracy by Adam Drake of Goose fame. The bearded man is played my mentor Oliver Bancroft. It was produced by George Syborn and the terrifying music is by Felix Hagan.

Oliver Bancroft, Adam Drake and George Syborn


I directed Buy Some Love for the Straight8 Short Film Festival.  Again, it was shot on my old Super8 camera, on one cartridge, with no edits.


Adam Drake of Goose fame plays a traffic warden with whom Isaura Barbé-Brown falls helplessly, dangerously in love. The music is by my friends Katie and Jack Buckett's band, Jingo.

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