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Cockroaches is a sitcom I created for ITV 2. It's about what happens after the end of the world. Cormack McCarthy's The Road with micro scooters, Coco Pops, a cannibal Chuckle Brother and bickering.


It's got an amazing cast, featuring Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Esther Smith, Tom Davis, Jack Whitehall, Jamie Demetriou, Sarah Daykin, Alexander Armstrong, Rich Hall, Caroline Quentin, Nigel Planer and Dan Renton Skinner.


Cockroaches was directed by Ben Taylor and produced by Josh Cole and Clelia Mountford for Big Talk. Dan Swimer was my script editor.

'A genuinely funny new sitcom.'  The Observer.

'What will survive of us, Philip Larkin never wrote, is cockroaches. Cockroaches is a post-nuclear apocalypse drama; Survivors played for laughs. Spending what they assume to be their last 20 minutes in a traditional fashion (I liked the jaunty newscaster's "If anyone has a lead apron, now's the time to wear it"), Tom and Suze end up with a child and relationship without meaning to. Ten years on, they tramp the wasted country heading for a seaport because that too is traditional. A minor Charlton Heston moment comes when they chance upon an abandoned stretch limo: "We must be in Essex." Different, in a good way: black but not bleak.'  The Times, four stars.

'One of the most original shows to be on British TV in absolutely ages.'  Den of Geek


Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Esther Smith, Freddy Syborn
A typically accessible, warm family sitcom
Jumping the shark
Freddy Syborn, Syborn, Josh Cole, Jack Whitehall, Tom Davis
Ho ho ho
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